Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Dream?

Last night I lay resting
When sleep overcame me
I found myself falling
Down into a dream,
The darkness dissolved
Into warm summer meadows,
Where bright wild flowers
Were verging a stream.

I found I was walking
With you there beside me
You were casually talking
And holding my hand.
Then I turned toward you
To find you were smiling,
Right there at that moment
Was all that we planned.

I remember the fragrance
Of the dew on that meadow,
The song of the stream
That went rippling by.
I can still feel the warmth
Of your hand round my fingers
And the rise of your breast
As we kissed with a sigh.

I awoke to the pounding
Of rain on my window,
With that old Monday feeling
The start of week blues.
That dream was still with me
And filled me with wonder,
When I started to dress
There was grass on my shoes


Tami Snow said...

I am right there... Right beside you... How perfect, how lovely is the smell of the dew. Thank you. I too, have grass on my shoe. ;)

Alan Gilbert said...

Thank you Tami.