Maxwell Alexander Drake

My publishing credits include the first two books of a six novel fantasy sage entitled The Genesis of Oblivion Saga published by Imagined Interprises, Inc. The first book, Farmers & Mercenaries, was released June of 2009 and won a 2009 Moonbeam Young Adult Fantasy award and has been named Dragonroots Magazine’s Best New Fantasy Saga of 2009. It has received wonderful reviews from both fans and critics alike. Book two, Deities & Mortals will be out September of 2010. I also have two short stories published; The Last Man on Earth published by RMJ Publications (this is being republished in August by Nightfall Publications) and The Way of the Lion, which was published for the 2010 Gen Con anthology by Old School Publishing and took their “Honored Spot” award in the collection.

Farmers & Mercenaries is now available worldwide in over 60 countries and is doing very well. The audio version of the book will be available this October. It is being read by Cameron Beierle who has read for several New York Times best selling authors including David Eddings and Terry Brooks. Cameron will be doing all six of this series.

The first four chapters of this saga are available free on the official saga website at

I am currently working on two graphic novel projects. The first is a Cyberpunk story with famed artist Steve Argyle of, well, of almost everything. Steve has done work for Magic the Gathering, Dungeons & Dragons, Legend of the Five Rings, Star Wars, World of Warcraft, Everquest. And, that is just what I can name off the top of my head. He is a machine!

The second is a Zombie Western with artist Cyril Van Der Haegen of H.P. Lovecraft, Call of Cthulhu, Magic the Gathering, etc. fame. I am mondo excited about this project. I am not sure why, it just really grabbed me. It is dark and gritty with a depraved humorous undertone that I just love. I have a dark sense of humor. As I like to say, “I think monkeys are funny, but dismembered monkeys are a riot!” *No monkeys were harmed in the making of that joke* The promo for this should be on my website in the next few months.

On a personal note, I am still teaching writing to the world. I have revived my writing lesson section of my website at Several writer’s conferences and fan conventions (such as Gen-Con) have contracted me to teach at their events. Even my local library has gotten into the mix. I live in Las Vegas, and the Clark County Library District is meeting with me in the coming weeks to discuss me teaching a writing class once a month at two of their locations.

In addition to the website for new writers, I teach several topics on a regular basis. Here is a list of the most popular…

What do Publishers really do for an author?

How to create a more realistic Sci-Fi & Fantasy World

Writing with Confidence

Show Don’t Tell (The difference between active and passive writing)

The Anatomy of a Fight Scene

Heroes and Heroines – How good can they be?

Villains and Villainess’ – How bad can they be?

Adverbs, Adverbs, Everywhere!

Point of View – What is the point?

Plot Development – Where is it really going?

To add to my workload, I have also been contacted by two publishers to book doctor a few projects for them. I can’t really elaborate as we are still in the negotiation point on both of these, but I am excited to be involved with them.

It’s a good thing that I can type so stinking fast!


So, what am I doing here? Great question. When Ms. Snow asked me to contribute to this site, my first instinct was to decline. As you read, I am a busy boy. Then an idea struck..
I wrote my first novel when I was twelve. It is a happy little tale titled The Warlord’s Dust. I really like this story, but I had no intention of trying to clean it up for publication. After all, it was written by a twelve-year-old! But, it is written. And, I do like it.

Another issue I have with it is my perception of the world. When I was twelve, life was wonderful and everything was a bed of roses. Now… well let us just say that at forty, I no longer view the world through rose-colored glasses. If you have read my published work, you know I am not a “happy ending” kind of author. I like tragedies. I don’t mind a chuckle every now and again. But, I love the emails I get from a fan wanted me to know they cried when they read my stuff. I am a firm believer in the philosophy that if I can make you cry with the written word, I can take you to even higher heights when the character you are following succeeds.

I have been branded a “realistic fantasy author.” And, as far as I am concerned, that is a wonderful title to hold..
The Warlord’s Dust, however, is not a tragic story. Nor is it based on realism. It is magic and mayhem—more of a young adult fantasy quest with a few plot twists. It is good; it is just not what my fanbase is expecting when they see the name Maxwell Alexander Drake.

So, my plan for this blog is simple. I will re-write about 1,000 words of The Warlord’s Dust a week provided my schedule permits. It will let me stretch my wings as a young adult author as well as throwing out a story that I would probably not have told any other way.

I hope you enjoy it.