I am a 20 something (ok, 40somthing) neurotic mom of two. I am a highly trained professional (ok in my mind I am Jane Bond super heroine).

I can’t spell and my grammar is right out of a kindergarten classroom. I don’t often follow instructions until I realize I need to dig them out of the garbage. I wake up at 5:30 every morning ready to write with a pen that has somehow managed to land in my purse (ok, I am a pen thief).

I love weddings and romance. I write romance books that stretch your imagination. I am working hard to get publish. I love to write contemporary romance with a splash of humor. I also write paranormals with a shifter or two.

You can find me most days in my adopted hometown of Centralia, Vermont causing trouble.

Abigail-Madison Chase attended a Wiley College in Marshall Texas majoring in English and History. Abigail is currently pursuing a PhD so that before she kicks the bucket she can teach English.

Abigail-Madison enjoys reading, watching TV and staring into space, and traveling with her family.

Three fragmented sentences to describe Abigail are: boring, more boring and most boring of all.