Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dune Dragon

Upon a motored steed I climbed 
Mounded hills of dusted diamond 
Tempered moment forgetting time 
Wind licking, human touch undone 
Breezes stir sand through my hair 
Encircling me in a tawny cloud 
A dragon appeared hovering there 
Before my sight, simple yet profound 
Just how in this whirling wind he stayed 
So easily bouncing and shifting in flight 
Glistening green-eyed, locking my gaze 
Entranced I was by the curiosity of his plight 
For as I watched him flutter his wings 
Daintily fragile in their utter perfection 
Essence, my soul ebbed, desired to sing 
Darted away, witnessed not, his direction 
The little in life should give cause to wonder 
So simple a treasure brings tears to my eyes 
Who would expect their heart put asunder 
By the glorious simplicity of a dragonfly? 

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