Friday, November 12, 2010

A Whispered Dream.....part 2.

She whispered,” Wake my love
It’s time to leave your mortal sleep,
For all the stars have turned and I
My vow to you will keep.”

She whispered,” See my love
The moon has risen blue and white,
And all the magic of its glow
Will shine on us tonight.”

She whispered,” Come my love
Tonight we fly on silent wings,
Across the ocean known as time
Where love forever sings.”

She whispered.” Now my love
Come  and take me by the hand,
So all the mysteries of love
You then will understand.”


Alba Arango said...

Ooh. That is cool. I really liked this.

Tami Snow said...

I must say, Albert, once again you grasp my heart with your words. This piece is pure magic. Thank you for sharing.