Thursday, October 14, 2010

Reunion I was feeling a little goofy...


The ten year reunion
Approaches so quick,
It makes you real nervous,
Your stomach so sick.

You look in the mirror
And pat your belly
And wonder if you
Should drop dead or flee.

A diet, you feel,
Will make you look nice.
That glare from your ex
Will be worth the price.

Your hair may be thinning,
No reason to wail,
Your Spray-On-Hair
Just came in the mail.

Your job's a bit shoddy,
Telemarketing a mag,
But why should they know
You rented the Jag?

The person you're taking,
A brain they have not,
But they make you look good
‘Cause they're so dang hot.

The day finally comes,
You control all your shakes,
To go meet the other
Liars and fakes.


C. D. Bennett said...

haha! Love this one.

Jeanne Sampson said...

Funny! It flows really well...

bryce said...

It's funny....with a little sting in the tail......excellent!

Joann Buchanan said...

lmao...this was so funny. thanks for the giggles...smiles.