Thursday, October 14, 2010

The promise

Awake you sleeping spirits
You knights from days of old,
You guardians of Britain
In myth and legend told.
Arise and keep the promise
A vow you made that when,
Your country needed heroes
We'd hear you ride again.

You denizens of Camelot
Who took that sacred vow,
The table and Excalibur
Are waiting for you now.
Again to swear allegiance
And songs of valour sing,
For Britain and for Arthur
Our once and future king.

Awake you loyal bowmen
You men in Lincoln green,
Take up your song of freedom
That made old Sherwood ring.
The time for slumbers over
You merry men who stood,
For England and for freedom
With Robin of the hood.


Tami Snow said...

Alan, you are the master of lyrical prose. You know I have to tell you, when I read this piece I couldn't help but have a memory of being a kid and attempting to pull the sword out of the stone at Disneyland. I swear to you, I really believed I would be the one to do it. Silly me. But thank you for this. It brought me there.

Mypenpal said...

I love that one Alan, nice, my kind of writing :) Well, maybe the writing I love to read ;)

Jeanne Sampson said...

I agree with Tami, excellent work, Alan! It invokes vivid images of
childhood legends.....

bryce said...

This is quite an excellent piece of writing once and future poet! Thoroughly enjoyed it!