Monday, August 16, 2010

Heaven Help Us.....Prologue

Everything has to start somewhere...sometime...

In the beginning, or so the story goes, when nothing was everywhere and existence hadn’t yet been invented ...there was a Thought. And the Thought was...What if?

What if... there was something more? More than simply nothing. More than just darkness and emptiness.

Light, perhaps? And maybe some big round things, floating here and there, without bumping into each other.

Suddenly there were blazing stars, each one bringing warmth to the light.

Then came colourful planets with swirling gases and dodgy atmospheres.

But the planets were cold and lifeless. So, after a few aeons, the Thought looked at one planet in particular...and had an idea.

And then there was life. Very primitive and a bit gooey, but with distinct possibilities.

The Thought looked down from high above on all its creations and was well pleased and quite motivated.

In time, life developed and spread...and after a while even began paying taxes. But all too soon, life discovered curiosity...and began to ask difficult and uncomfortable questions.

Some asked, “Who are we?”

Others asked, “What are we here for?”

A few sneaky and suspicious ones even had the nerve to ask, “More to the point, who are you and what do you want?”

Then the Thought had another, even more radical, idea. “What if I was more than a thought? What if I had form and substance and could give them the answers they seek?”

So it became God. And, curiously...male, a little on the old side, with a long, white beard.

All life recognised him and promised to worship him for ever, mostly on Sundays... and never, EVER forget him.

And that’s when all the trouble started... 


Browneyegirl145 said...

LOL...yep and that's when all the trouble you for sharing the prologue. That was quirky and funny. It brought a smile to my face...smiles....Joann

Tami Snow said...

This God sounds oddly similar in description to Zuess, or Merlin. I love your quirky take on creation. Give me more, I NEED more...