Saturday, August 14, 2010

Recurring loves.

Was it you that day in Memphis
Dressed in robes of deep azure,
When Cleopatra’s gilded barge
Came dipping by the Nil’s shore.
Did you see the pharaoh seated
In shade from Ra’s unyielding eye,
Proudly wearing Caesar’s token
Broach of lapis lazuli.
Were we there that day in Calais
Standing close near Henry’s side,
Did he choose to smile upon us
Give you leave to be my bride.
Did we stand, two lovers dreaming
As they spread that cloth of gold,
Was the joy of our betrothal then
In minstrel stories told.
As I lay near death from gunshot
Roar of mortars everywhere,
Did I awake with you beside me
Watching from the nurse’s chair.
When the killing fields fell silent
Doves of peace again were free,
I left home to come and find you
Waiting in the rain for me.
Then has our story been repeating
Down through all the countless years,
Have we met yet not remembered
Where the course of kismet steers.
Are we forever bound together
Partners in the cosmic scheme,
Will every meeting still surprise us
Living each recurring dream.



Tami Snow said...

Beautifully written. I am so looking forward to reading your future posts.

Bryce Main said...

Bitter sweet and beautiful. Are we, then, souls that pass this way countless times. Sometimes meeting, sometimes missing.