Monday, August 23, 2010

Chapter 2 Wedding Planning & Creole Cooking

Chapter 2 Wedding Planning & Creole Cooking
byAbigail-Madison Chase

Breaking the Heartbreaker Curse is going to be fun and Grandmere' is going to make a little money along the way. 6 Sister& Grandmere is going to be the premier wedding planning business in Bayou Natchez.

I am counting on my granddaughters, Cammie, Cassie, Cassidy, Chastity, Chandler, and Channing living happily ever after to put a stop to the Heartbreaks Curse. What better way to start a wedding business then to marry off 6 cursed brides who live happily ever after.

Cassandra my daughter is their mother. Cassandra and their dad Minister Connor Breaux are not anxious to go along with my plans to break the curse. Cassandra thinks this is a bad idea. God lover she is shacking with the Baptist minister so I am not sure Cassandra wants to end the curse she might have to go to church on Sunday and by all accounts Cassandra likes to sleep in on Sundays.

My fondest wish was that Cassandra would be my first bride. Cassandra is my elsdest daughter. She and I bump heads a lot. I say west she says east. She is her pepe’ daughter headstrong and determined to have her way not matter what. Cassandra’s pepe’ Conrad Roqueax is a sweet talking grey eyed devilish rogue. The devil swept me off my feet when I was a girl of 16. Ahh those lazy days on the Bayou spending time with that rogue.

Don’t go thinking him dead. The handsome devil is very much alive and living right next door to me. He’s still as handsome as the day I first laid eyes on him. That is enough daydreaming for me. Let’s move on to my granddaughter Cammie.

My oldest granddaughter Cammie teaches over at LSU in the science department. Cammie is will be my first bride.

Cammie reminds me so much of me, smart, beautiful and a workaholic. The only way Cammie is going to find a husband is if he’s in a science book. Grandmere' is going to have to use a little of her magic to point her in the right direction.

She works with a fine young man name Ellis Sims from Arcadia. I think he would make Cammie a nice husband. There is just something about the way Ellis looks at Cammie when he thinks no one is watching. I swear every time I see him I feel the pull of a gre-gre. Gre-Gre-s is old Cajun magic for those who don’t know it. The power of the Gre-Gre is well known throughout the south.

My great- aunt Celia buried her lover’s underwear in her yard with a Gre-Gre. I swear he had the runs for two weeks until she took the gre-gre off of him. He about died running back and forth to the bathroom. Gre-Gre’s are powerful magic and I want to make sure Ellis is the one for my Cammie before he uses his magic to snare her.

Ellis is what the young folks call a hottie. Ellis is espresso complexion with smooth chocolate eyes at 6’3 he compliments Cammie’s 5’11. When he walks in a room heaven smiles cause only confidence makes a man walk like that. If I was 15 years younger he would be still too young for Grandmere’.

I think it time Grandmere' gets the ball rolling. I think I will call Cammie to come over and help me fix Sunday dinner for the family.

All my granddaughters are great cooks. They learned from the best me. I think I’ll invite Ellis over to I am sure he could use a home cooked meal.

I think we’ll have Gumbo, dirty rice, Crawfish Étouffée, Creole baked chicken, sweet potatoes, fried catfish, red beans and rice, hot water corn bread, stuffed bell peppers, potato salad, mac & cheese and some deviled eggs.

Dessert, what should we have for dessert? Pecan Pie, peach cobbler and a little blue bell ice cream.

I this is going to be great. After dinner we should all need a walk by the river. That should give Ellis and Cammie a little time to get to know each other better.
I guess I better headed on over to LSU to invite Ellis after I call Cammie.


Browneyegirl145 said...

green eyed devilsh rogue, VERY VERY cool!!! Loved it!!! As always, you have me wanting more...smiles...

Tami Snow said...

I have to agree with Joann. Interesting description. And I can completely connect with Cammie. If only we could swipe our men from the pages of science books...

Serenity King said...

Loved it, Abigail! What the heck is blue bell ice cream? LOL! You really have my interest now! Keep them coming :) Congrats on another awesome chapter.


Always Abigail said...

@Browneyedgirl & Tami thank you so much.@Serenity Blue Bell Ice Cream is a delicious ice cream that is only produced in the South it is the riches most delicious ice cream your palete will ever taste. When my sister was stationed in California we shipped it to her three times a year
Thanks everyone!

Bryce Main said...

Excellent Abigail! What a fantastic, scheming old lass Grandmere is. A powerful 'earth' grandmother if ever there was one. You can only think that her grandaughters won't have much say in the matter when Grandmere makes up her

Always Abigail said...

Thanks Bryce