Sunday, January 2, 2011


My head was filled with thoughts of you today.
Creating your memory in a thousand different ways.
The ease with which you'd make me laugh.
Those things you'd do that made me gasp.
And then I wondered... where have you gone?

Not long ago you dangled my heart on a string.
Filled me with happiness, caused me to sing.
My world seems a little bit broken now.
I'd paste it together if I only knew how.
Oh, how I wish I knew... why have you gone?

So empty and longing my soul has become.
You were my morning, I'm blocking the sun.
Wearing a mask of indifference, I hide.
Protecting myself, retaining my pride.
Hate to admit... It hurts me... now that you're gone.

Eventually all of this pain will abide.
My simple request, to once again fly.
Till love and words once again bring back.
Only one thing that would be my torture to lack.
The one simple dream that we both do share.
That one little thing that made me originally care.   
And I know that we both are completely aware.
Even though it seems so real to me now... you're not gone.



ghostrawk said...

This is beautiful!

- Brian

C. D. Bennett said...

Beautiful as ever, haunting in its longing...

Tami Snow said...

Thank you for the kind words.

Bryce Main said...

This is lovely Tami.....full of tortured emotion.....