Sunday, January 9, 2011

The Death of Blixton

 Do you see along the headlands
Where the cliff has crumbled down,
Once a host of people lived there
In a thriving market town.
Just some ordinary people
Each the same as you and me,
Yet they all were killed at midnight
In October sixty three.

Records say the day was placid
Autumn sunshine filled the sky,
Children played along the headlands
Chasing carts that trundled by.
The Market place was all a bustle
Flags and bunting everywhere,
The schoolgirls choir was at practice
Wild flowers in their hair.

All the weeks of work were over
Founders day was dawning soon,
Every street rang out with laughter
Well into that afternoon.
All the people were elated
Never stopped to question why,
The sun was lost, completely hidden
By the blackness of the sky.

By six o-clock the rain was falling
Sheets of lightning lit the sky,
Winds were tearing at the shutters
Howling like a banshee cry.
Seas were raging like a tempest
Waves like mountains hit the shore,
By ten o-clock the folk were frightened
Never seen the like before.

At the cliffs the waves were crashing
Each one like a hammer blow.
Sending chunks of solid rock face
Falling to the sea below.
Out at sea a vessel floundered
Thrown like driftwood to the shore,
Men while fighting for existence
Prayers for mercy did implore.

The captain was a man of iron
Death had stalked him many times,
Now he knew he'd lose the battle
So terrible the ship inclines.
Then a roar that drowned the thunder
Shock waves brought him to his knee,
As he watched transfixed in horror
Blossom town fell into the sea.


bryce said...

Transfixed was I, too!!! But not in horror....more like sheer enjoyment. Nice one Alan....nice one!

Joann Buchanan said...

Beautiful imagery!! Alan you're a true poet...loved it!!

Alan Gilbert said...

Thank you both very much.