Saturday, December 4, 2010

Goodbye Valparaiso.

We were four weeks on our way from Valparaiso.
Sailing home across Atlantic blue.
It’s been three years since I kissed you by the harbor,
                Long time away
                But every day
                I thought of you.

That night I woke to hear the wind was howling,
The sea arose with fury in her eye.
Every watch was called on deck to fix the storm sails.
                And we knew
                Err night was through,
                Some men would die.

We sailed for two weeks more without adventure.
Then as the sun was rising from the sea.
A shout of “Ship ahoy”, came from the rigging.
                We raised a cheer
                To hide our fear,
                Of piracy.

We stood beside our guns, it seemed an hour.
We watched the corsair drawing ever near.
The skull and crossbones flying from his mainmast.
                Nothing was said
                By living dead,
                Our time was here.

We raced toward them, both bow chasers  blazing.
A lucky chain shot brought their mainsail down.
Then we turned to port, and sunk them with a broadside.
                Nothing to do
                By us spared few,
                But watch them drown.                          

At last we sailed into the English channel.
We docked at Plymouth on a sunny day.
I promised when I saw you on the quayside.
                Now I’m back home
                No more I’ll roam,
                With you I stay.

Copyright ©Alan Gilbert.  2009

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