Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Guardians of the Forest Book One

Guardians of the Forest Book One
Mother-In Law
Chapter 2
Abigail Madison-Chase

Suspended mid-air April tried to scream. Looking down she realized she was almost face down in the water. She needed help and she needed it now. Turning toward the campsite she tried to call out to Ryan. Her cry for help never left her mouth.
Doing a double take the only thing she saw was a massive, hairy monster where Ryan once stood. Flexing, moving trying to shake lost of the invisible hold. April prepared to die.

Aprils mental cry was draining Ryan’s’ powers. The only thing that could save her was if he linked his powers with that of the pack. Reaching out for his pack link he felt a jolt. The mental kick was swift and strong.


“Ryan I….”

“I am kind of busy mother. My mate has gotten herself in a jam”

“I know I can feel your distress. That dreadful human is going to be the death of my only son.”

“Mother, I am not your only son. Mother are you crying? I can’t deal with this now mother I need to save April”

“That is why I am here son to help your human. I have linked with the pack get ready for a burst of energy. It should be enough to get her to safety and change back to your human form”

This was not going as he planned. His mother hated his mate. Why his mother seemed to hate his mate was lost on him. She seemed perfectly happy with his father who was also human. In the years since he first encountered his mate his mother had introduced him at pack powwows to every available Sasquatch in a 100 mile range.
The wave of energy hit him mid stride as he reached the river. Stepping out on the rocks he reached for April as her mental scream tore through him again draining his energy. If not for the pack link he would not be able to hold her and move her to the shore.

“Mother, I need your help. I need to send her into a deep sleep before she goes into hysterics. “

“Ryan, of course son I will do this for your clumsy little human”.

“Mother, do not mess with her memories.”

“Ryan, remember who you are talking to.”

“Mother, I am getting weaker despite the link. Can we argue about this later?”

A sudden burst of energy hit Ryan as he touched April’s forehead. His mates’ breath became quite and calm as her mental scream slowly evaporated.

This was the first time that Ryan had been so close to his mate. She was beautiful. Smiling he leaned in to give her a kiss.

“Ryan No!


C. D. Bennett said...

In-ter-es-ting... This is why this blog is so cool. There's such a creative well of ideas here.

Do you have other plans for this one?

Abigail-Madison Chase said...

Thanks so much! I plan to finish the story here. The idea came from a post an author had about Big Foot.

I really want to improve on my writing so I am going to complete the story here and see where it leads.

Tami Snow said...

Yes please. I wanna know what happens next. Love that you left us hanging on the last line. Nice.

Joann Buchanan said...

To the lovely Miss Abigail, as always you leave me wanting more!! Thank you sooo much !!