Monday, October 11, 2010


She creeps upon you, eyes shut tight
Unwillingly captures your soul, your heart
Bleating and breathing, heaviest night
Trapping within, which you refuse to part

Come upon my body, unto her I plead
Heart, soul, living, corrupted desire
Vacant and wanting, so frivolous need
Realization, fates fueling her fire

Cruel, unyielding, drawing her sword
Pleasures so painful yet relentless
Will she ever again be yours?
Gossamer screen, tempest the temptress.

Terror filled, your core left gaping
So lost, so empty, so futile and long
Time a drug, disappointment shaping
Coldest attempt, harken swan-song.

Believing dreams, purest this kiss
Aching chills, painful truth, honest
Forever shaped, it will end like this
Burned soul ashes spilt by comets


Joann Buchanan said...

This is beautiul!!! I loved this!!

Jeanne Sampson said...

Really good Tami, powerful & beautiful as well!