Sunday, September 5, 2010


Soon will be that peaceful time
When dreams and hopes and loves combine.
When freed from hurt my spirit’s sour
To be the one I was before.
Tranquillity when reconciled
Internal adult, parent, child.
Soon with clearest vision see
The one who is at war with me.
Who steals my thoughts and saps my will
And jibes that he controls me still.
He dons the mantle of the night
To stalk my dreams with vicious spite.
Soon with courage to withstand
Storms that rage on either hand.
To face the demons that cajole
And vie to win my very soul.
Then unfettered left to fly
With joyous spirits free as I.

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Tami Snow said...

Oh my goodness, Alan. You are so very talented. I wish that there was so much more to this. I wanted to be carried away for an even longer time. You prove to us why you are a professional. I am humbled in the presence of your words.

Jeanne Sampson said...

Truly wonderful....