Tuesday, September 7, 2010

A Muse's Influence

I've been thinking about this for a while, and I'm sure many of you will see a bit of yourselves in this.

     When I first came on board here I wasn't really sure how I'd contribute or what kind of posts everyone would find interesting. Growing up, I never looked at my writing as all that ground-breaking, and I never did it out of some need for acceptance or for anyone else's enjoyment but my own. I think many writers are by nature hermits in their own minds, saying things on paper that would be taboo or downright dangerous in "normal" society. I never really fit in as a child, and in a lot of ways writing was my way of coming to terms with all those difficult years. All writers have some hidden soul that drives their work and gives them the strength to work through their demons; for some it's joy, for me, it was pain. There's something strangely therapeutic in using that pain to fuel your own desires, and though it isn't always easy, we need to beat back the anxiety, the self-doubt, that comes with the territory. If you can do that, your audience will hang on your every word, and treasure each and every offering you grant them.

     I'm proud to be in the company of so many talented souls. For some of us, I'm sure it's rare when we can actually converse with others in our same field, let alone find anyone in our day-to-day lives that can truly "get" us. It's comforting to have a welcome forum of expression, and I thank you all for that. This little community of ours has grown really fast, and it's been very interesting to see everyone's work evolving along the way. I feel that it's made me a better writer, and in a lot of ways brought me back to those early years when I'd stay up all night just to finish that last chapter or that one all-important scene. I think we've all done some great work here, and I have high hopes for where it will take us.

     As one, we are our own Muse.

     We are artists of Creation itself.

— C —


Browneyegirl145 said...

Once again Chris, you read my mind...are you my soulful twin?? I always feel nervous when I post, but I feel safe here...that is a rare thing for me to have so many people get me, as you say in your post. Most people think I'm weird when I talk about a story idea or a character I'm working on developing. It has been an honor and a pleasure writing and posting with all of you here...Thank you so much for being my friend...smiles...hugs...Joann

Tami Snow said...

Ahhhh, to be in the company of writers...a delight unto itself. Perhaps we are soul triplets... My all to regular feeling and saying is "all alone in my strange little world". So true your words ring, Chris. Have never really felt as though anyone "got" me, until recently. And that feeling is amazing. Thanks to you, and all of the other talented folks who continue to participate in our word weaving party. It's a privilage to be in such grand company.
Thanks for posting this. My Muse gives a knowing smile.

Bryce Main said...

It's ironic, that we, who do our best work alone and away from prying eyes....should discover solace and inspiration in the company of other solitary souls.
Nice words, C.D.