Monday, September 20, 2010

For The Love of Big Foot

Guardians of the Forest
By: Abigail-Madison Chase

She was beautiful. Her flowing locks and beautiful smile called to him. She came to Potters Mountains every summer to hike. This was her sixth summer in the mountains every year he promised himself he would claim her.

Watching her put up her tent he realized he was paralyzed with fear of rejection. The woman was his mate but first she had to accept him in his natural form. He was the boogie man of legends. Would she? Could she love one such as him?

He smiled as she cussed the tent. The woman had two left hands when it came to the outdoors she loved so much. Every year he made sure her camp fire never went out, her tent stayed up and she had plenty of fresh fish to eat.

Looking down at his body he willed his human form to come forth as it did he grabbed the clothes he keep hidden around the forest. Dressed in ranger greens he walked toward his mate.

“Howdy” turning his way she smiled with recognition. He was a park ranger. The forest was his home.

“Howdy, Ranger Ryan Parks. I am so glad to see you. This tent is behaving like a girl gone wild it can’t seem to keep its top on.

Flashing her brilliant smile I stepped closer inhaling her delicious scent. Standing in the sunshine she looked like sweet dark chocolate. Smiling back I knew it was now or never. This summer I would claim my mate.

“It’s the same thing every year April Summerfield.” I chuckled putting up the tent while she banged the pots and pans around trying to find her matches to start a fire. The woman needed a keeper.

Stomping off to the river April carried the pots and pans for fresh water. Looking back she watched as Ryan put up the tent and started the fire.

Instead of a ranger he should be called he-man. Every year she came to Potters Mountain he was there to help. The first year was to dump her grandmother ashes every year after that was to see him to be near him to be close to him.

Ryan smelled of man her man. He filled her nights with dreams of love and her days with longing.

Ryan was beautiful. His honey colored eyes captured her each time he looked at her. Two braids held his shoulder length hair in place. Over six feet tall Ryan was athletic and fit.

That women needs a keeper

The thought hit her. It was Ryan’s voice in her head. Turning quickly she slipped off the rock and began falling face first toward the jagged edged rocks in the river. April tried fighting to catching her balance closing her eyes he began the slow decent into the swiftly moving river.

Her mental scream stopped him in his tracks.

Help! I am going to die

Calling on the Great Spirit Ryan stretched his arms out sending shock waves of energy t0 catch her before she hit the rocks. This was not the way he envisioned his mate finding out what he was. He would have to change mid stride to save her. His energy would not hold long enough for him to rescue her and change back to human form.

Un,hum,da Fedo, uttering the words he changed into the largest beast known to roam the North American landscape he was Big Foot.


Rebecca Murray said...

Excellent! I definitely like where you're headed with this!

S.B. said...

You know i like this!

Tami Snow said...

What a refreshing take on Big Foot lore. I have just one more thing: MORE! Please.

C. D. Bennett said...

Bigfoot stole my beef jerky :p

C. D. Bennett said...

Seriously though, nice work :)

Jeanne Sampson said...

Well done, Abigail...beginning your story with a surprising twist! I was thinking wolf or another type of shifter....but Bigfoot! An unexpected delight....keep the story coming......