Sunday, September 5, 2010

Deadly Kiss

A poem by Tami Snow

So pretty, so delicate I will always remember

Sweetness dripping upon your tender cheek

And in your suffering my soul strings tremble

Scintillating purity that makes even angels weep

I lay you upon fresh tilled fields of September

Pressing down your innocence into eternal sleep

Lips drinking all that tasted a thousand memories

So pliant, so yielding your mouth fills me beneath

Breathing in your liquid, unto my heart relinquish

While traveling into the calm effect of death you creep

Body once fluidic, dancing lifelong in its journey

Your soul in quivering format is now mine to keep


Browneyegirl145 said...

OOh la and sweet, so tender. I love this. It's such a beautiful kiss...smiles...hugs...Joann

C. D. Bennett said...

Amazing. It transports you to that very moment you speak of, and I can feel every soul stirring second of it.

Jeanne Sampson said...

Intense and very moving. Great work!...

Always Abigail said...

That is one deadly kiss....nice