Thursday, September 2, 2010

Angel. Dream. Love.

A soft glittering sprinkle of moon-light drifted in through the window where Kayla stood. She wore a light satin robe that just barely covered her shoulders. She lifted her hand to her lips trying to relive the long kiss she shared with the unknown man from her dreams. Was he real? She pondered. Her lips did feel like they had been kissed.

Kayla walked back to her bed and laid down. ‘If it was real, where are you?’ she pondered.

“I’m right here.” A deep sweet voice said. A soft glittering blue light appeared before her. When the light faded, a tall man with eyes as green as the grass stood in front of her.

She sat up, holding her covers up to her chest. “Who are you?”

He stepped forward and sat on the edge of the bed. “I have been visiting you every night since I saw you standing by the fountain. I’m Gabriel. I have been waiting an eternity for you. Close your eyes, I want to show you something.”

Still curious as to if she was dreaming, she closed them.

“Now, open them,” he said.

Kayla did as she was instructed. When she opened her eyes she saw a marvelous span of wings that glowed with the most beautiful golden light. They looked sharp on the ends, like two sided blades.

Kayla held her breath. “Are they real?”

“Yes,” he said. “They wont hurt you. Go ahead, touch them.”

She lifted her hand up to feel the wings. They were soft and ethereal at the same time. The soft glow from his wings ran up her arm. She felt a rush of warmth and excitement flash in her body.

“I’ve been waiting for you,” he said.

He brought her hand to his lips. She brushed off the feeling of her quickening pulse.

“Why?” she asked.

“You felt me. No one ever feels me,” he replied.

“What do you want?” she asked.

“Nothing you don’t want to give,” he replied.

She looked deep into his eyes. There was a whole eternity of good and evil locked inside them. They held a wealth of love and even moments of deep pain. So much of everything…too much all at the same time. She leaned in towards him. ‘Are you real? Am I dreaming? You have so much love and danger locked inside your eyes.’ Her body quivered with excitement. Every pore had a longing to feel more of him.

He leaned in, they were a breath away, her mind filled with want and desire. He closed in on her mouth. Such a sweet taste of honey and strawberries filled her senses. He kissed her neck hard and deep with passion. She moaned with joy and longing. He ran his hand along her thigh and she wanted more. With his mouth, he suckled her breast sending s streak of lightening through her very soul. When he came down on her, she was sure she was going to explode.

Both of them moved together, sending her deeper and deeper into the throngs of pleasure and pain. Her mind exploded with adrenaline and she raised up to cover his mouth again. Passion, more than she even knew, filled her body and she let loose all she had inside. Oh such sweet joy from the moment filled her soul. She never felt anyone like she felt him. She cried tears of joy from the pleasure he brought her.

He rolled over onto the bed. His body glistened in the night moon light.

“Will I see you again?” she asked.

“When you need me I will be here,” he said.

The alarm clock went off at six am on the dot. She was sure it was all a dream when she opened her eyes. When she got out of bed to take a shower, a golden feather fell on the floor. Kayla sat down in shock with one thing on her mind. ‘It was real.’


Always Abigail said...

I actually closed my eyes hoping for wings.....

bryce said...

Mmmmmm.......I think the phrase: "...and now, for something COMPLETELY different" springs to mind. Are you planning to do more with this.....I hope so. It has lots of potential and it is, as usual, beautifully written.

Tami Snow said...

Holy wow! can I say this...MORE!!!!! Loved it!! Love, love, love!! But you know this sort of thing is right up my alley. Nice writing, and so very descriptive.

Alba Arango said...

So hot.

Jeanne Sampson said...

Excellent Joann, very original, hope there will be more....