Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Heaven Help Us.....what's it all about?

What if the relationship between God and The Devil isn’t quite what you think?

What would you do if an angel popped up right in front of you…all three-feet nothing of him?  

And just how far would God and The Devil go to get Mankind believing in them again, in an age where technology is the new religion?  

Heaven Help Us follows the efforts of an oddball group of humans, devils and angels to find ‘The One” who can save the world and everyone on/in it.  

Their journey takes them from the depths of the Vatican (and believe me, it can be pretty deep)…to the barren wastes of Purgatory…and on to the breathtaking outback of Australia.

I don’t mind telling you I nearly wet myself when I wrote the bit about the two guard dogs Samson and Delilah and their sneaky Bark of Death. And that other bit about stinky Ralph and the Devil’s nightmares.

Anyway, you’ll get to those bits eventually. Along with the bits about Homer the sentient asteroid, and why some folk go woozy when they look really closely at The Eye of God. And I mean REALLY woozy!

Oh, and you know the three-feet nothing angel? Well…imagine one double the size, drop dead gorgeous and dressed in leather. Too much information?  Right.

Bits of Heaven Help Us will make you go “Oooooh”…..and bits will make you go “Aaaaah”. Other bits might help you think about changing the way you think about things you never even thought you would ever think about. Ever.

So watch this space, or at least parts of it.

Heaven Help Us is coming. In bits…

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Browneyegirl145 said...

This is too funny. The relatinship between God and the Devil is just waht the next chapter is about in Death: The Beginning...lol...I loved this...thank you for sharing...smiles...Joann