Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Heartbreaker Curse: Ellis

Ellis chucked as he closed his office door. Ginger Heart or Grandmere’ as she liked to be called was always plotting. She’d just invited him to Sunday dinner and he’d accepted.

Ellis smiled as the image of Grandmere’ danced across his vision. Grandmere' was a strikingly beautiful, tall with a flawless rich dark mocha complexion; her deep set hooded eyes were a breath taking hazel with gold flakes around the edges. Shoulder length flowing ink colored locks,surrounded her face accented with high cheek bones and gracious smile. Grandmere was a stunner. Nothing about her physical appearance said grandmother.

Ellis was not exactly certain what her age was but he was sure Grandmere’ had to be in her 70’s. Every time he asked Cammie she seemed to avoid the subject saying Grandmere’ is ageless”. Grandmere’ did not remind him of his own grandmother or any grandmother he’d ever known.

Ellis thought back to the first time he meet Cammie’s Heart-Breaux’s Grandmere’.

He’d wondered in Cammie’s office after class while they were talking. Grandmere immediately introduced herself and asked if he was single and available for marriage. He’d laughed but something about the twinkle in her eye told him she was serious. He had initially thought she was Cassandra, Cammie’s mother they looked so much alike.

Smiling he said no but if she was looking he would be happy to oblige her.

Grandmere’ had laughed a sexy little laugh for a woman of her age and looked him dead in the eyes as if she was looking into my soul and said “welcome to the family”.

The next thing he knew they were headed to lunch with Cammie in tow. Grandmere’ did not miss an opportunity to try and throw him and Cammie together. He like Grandmere’ and hoped that they would convince Cammie to give love a try.

Ellis was well aware of the Heartbreakers curse. Everyone in the Bayou knew about the family curse and all the mishaps that had befallen the men who fell in love with the Heart women.

Ellis was from deep in the Arcadian woods so he was most familiar with the magic that ran through the Bayou. Cajun to the bone his family had deep roots in magic and he was certain he could ward off any witches curse.

Ellis hoped that whatever Grandmere’ had planned for dinner would give me a chance to woo Cammie. Cammie Heart-Breaux was beautiful, smart and sexy everything he wanted in a wife except for the curse.

Locking the door to his office Ellis descended the stairs thinking about Cammie.
Cammie was determined to lead him on a merry chase. If it were not for Grandmere’ he would never have learned so much about Cammie. Grandmere’ never missed an opportunity to talk about what Cammie like and disliked the woman was a fountain of information.

Turning Ellis saw a shadow on his left. Conrad Roqueax Cammie’s Grandpepe’ and Grandmere’s lover, boyfriend, husband, man, what did one call a Heartbreakers ex?

Rumor had it Grandmere and Conrad Roqueax were still an unspoken item. More than once Cassandra, Cammies mother had come to the office they shared and whined about her parents 'patting around" and how it would look to Cammie's fathers congregation. This dispite from all Ellis had heard her mother never went to church.

“Stay away from Ginger.” Conrad roared in deep baratoned voice.

Smiling Ellis sighed Lord not today! He was too happy to let something like this spoil his Sunday. Besides he did not want any tension between he and Grandpepe’ they would one day be family.

“Mr. Roqueax, I have no interest in Grandmere”. Ellis moving to unlock his car door suddenly became short of breathe, his feet lift off the ground, as he was turned to face Conrad Roqueax.

Ellis sized up the ex-marine, Mr. Roqueax was tall, 6’7 at the least and quite muscular for his age. Who knew an old geezer like him would still be jealous after all these years. He might be able to take him but he doubted it Mr. Roqueax looked like he could kill with his bare hands.

“This is your only warning. ”. Ellis hit the ground as Conrad disappeared.


Bryce Main said...

The more I learn about Grandmere, the more I like her. I hadn't realised, until now, how beautiful she is and what a spell she has no doubt cast over the men in her life.

Always a damned good read Abigail.

Always Abigail said...

Thanks so much Bryce glad you like her.

Browneyegirl145 said...

Sounds like something my dad would say when I was a teen...one time he embarresed me so much and had a talk with a date of mine. My dad scared him so much, no one in school would ask me out for a year. Dad wasn't mean, just had a talk...lol....

Always Abigail said...

@Browneyedgirl145 that is what a good father does in the words of my grandmother "smoke him over to make sure he good enough"

Tami Snow said...

Abigail, whenever I am reading your posts, I swear I can smell cajun food cooking. It's the weirdest sensation. I love this story, and can't wait to see what happens next with the Heart family.