Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Heart Family Curse

Meet Me At The Altar: 6 Sisters & Grandmere's Wedding Service

The Heart Family is cursed. In six- generations no Heart woman has been married. Now it's up to Grand’Mere' Ginger Heart to ensure the family legacy ends with her granddaughters.

By: Abigail-Madison Chase

Chapter 1

My family is cursed! I need to let you know that up front. The Louisiana Bayou has many secrets. The worst is the curses that are put on folks. You don't have to believe in them. The Heart Family knows it’s true.

For six generations no women in the family has married EVER. Heart woman have never even come close to the altar and had thier men live to tell about it.

The family has survived on shacking. That stops now. I am on a mission to find my granddaughters husbands.

The names Ginger Heart but you can call me Grandmere’. I was born and raised in the Louisiana swamp. They call us the Heartbreakers because any man that ends up with a Heart woman ends up with a broken heart.

The curse began with Sarah Heart not sure how far back a grandmother she is but she was from Algiers in the New Orleans area. Sarah was a famous Creole-Native America seamstress for the Laveaux family. After the war she run off and married Health Laveaux.

His momma got so mad she had a witch put a curse Sarah that her daughters should never marry. Sarah was the first and last Heart woman to ever have a husband.

All Heart women know about the curse and they real careful not to fool with the witch’s magic. Bees in the middle of winter, floods when it's not raining, falling ladders and falling grits have all stopped Heart women from going from Miss to Mrs.

The last women Heart women to try and marry was my momma and she ended up killing my daddy.

A plane crash got my papa and he was not even on the plane. Papa asked momma to marry him the day before I was born. They were in the church when a 747 lost its wing and hit the church as the preacher was getting ready to pronounce them man and wife. Papa was the only one killed.

Since my papa was killed no Heart women in her right mind has ever tried to marry again.

I plan to put a stop to the witches curse. I am Ginger Heart and I am a wedding planner.


Tami Snow said...

Holy cuteness! I can't wait to

Serenity King said...

Hello, Abigail!

I am loving this first chapter. Again, Congrats! Much success to you.



Browneyegirl145 said...

LOVE this!!!
I loved it all, it was soooo cute and it also makes me want to read more...YEAH, another soap for me..he he he...