Friday, August 27, 2010

And now for something completely different

Here is a promo that should be coming out next week.

I have several Graphic Novel and Comic Book projects that I am currently working on. A friend of mine, Cyril Van Der Haegen, (If you want to see some impressive art, google him) came to me with an alternate DC universe idea and wanted me to write for it.

This promo piece is set back in the Norse days and is about... well, I will let you figure out what it is about.

My issue is, this is the first piece of poetry I have ever written. Well, other than my MADisms. But, I don't really see them as poetry - more my depraved insanity seeping out onto the page. Still, I would love some feedback. Is there any stanzas that stick out as odd? Anything that is confusing? Any advice on comma placement? (I am terrible with commas!)

I have sent this to two of my editors this morning, but it will be a few days before I hear back from them. I would love to hear your thoughts.



Page 0
A legend found in an ancient lair,

From the time of Jötnar and Aesir,

“Three Moons on Midgard shall ascend,

Náir from Hel on the land descend.”

Free as a wolf with the heart of a crow,

of Perun is born a child pale as snow.

Father names him Hræzla, and Mother sheds no tear.

She will weep for him later, for his name means fear.

Page 1
A babe no more, he stares with boldness,

as pyres burn against winter’s coldness.

The village of God's Thame now lays in silence,

with their warning fires screaming of violence.

Laugh the devils, loud as wind,

damned to live a life of sin.

Page 2
Laughing terrors by Mor-Ríoghain led,

slay and burn, their steel is fed.

Laugh the devils, swift as wind,

in wicked heart, bloodlust rescind.

The screams of pain it was so said,

were loud enough to wake the dead.

Page 3
Beshrew'd chaos, the child is tossed.

Yet, they spare him to his own loss.

Dance Macabre, Tarentelle grim,

one live witness left by their whim.

Page 4
Riseth then the Ghost of Dawn,

to smile with bane at the withdrawn.

The devils left with what they sought,

leaving the boy the silence they brought.

Page 5
When starving Death did then appear,

from bone the flesh their teeth did shear

Then turned an eye to fresher prey,

yet, fate did intervene that day.

The lone hunter, Aelf the Red

stood against the Death, and it fled.

Wise and kind like the seers old,

he admires the child who remains bold.

Page 6
The child he trained to always strive,

in a hostile world to grow and thrive.

To hunt, to kill, in deadly silence,

not to dwell on thoughts of violence.

By any means found survive the day,

yet, in the boy’s heart did vengeance stay.

Page 7:
A child no more, he now is King,

with wealth and power did this bring.

Yet, in God’s Thame remains a curse.

He could not rest, no matter how fat his purse.

Mother and father, their bones laid to rest,

their murders burned deep in his chest.

His pain and grief was his captor.

From the dark, he still heard the laughter.

Page 8:

Moons three on one night did arise,

and death by land and sea remise.

Remembered sails then did appear.

He now knew why his name meant fear.

Surrounded by Death, his did proclaim,

“I will silence the laughter in God's Thame!”


Browneyegirl145 said...

ok, I want the story line, can't wait to see the graphics...I love GRAPHIC novels! I read Sin City loooong before they made it into a movie and I loved it live

Drake said...

The artwork is amazing. Due to some of my writing edits, Cyril has to do some adjusting of things. We hope to have this promo done and out late next week. It will be on my website among other places. If you are on my facebook page, I will announce it there as well.

Tami Snow said...

I absolutely love a good story told in verse. You do a fantastic job here. Very well done.

Drake said...

Any clue as to which DC super hero this is a parallel of?

Alba Arango said...

I'm going with Batman. I really like this, Drake. It's dark but enchanting. Can't wait to see the pics. BTW...about half the English teachers at my school now have your poster on their walls.

Drake said...

Thank you Alba! And, remind them that I speak for the schools. I can either teach or just come in and have a Q&A session about writing as a career.

Oh, and you nailed it. The art is a BIG time hint. But I wanted to know if just my words show the story without the pics.

The art is being redone now. Hopefully, it will be ready by weeks end for public consumption.

Browneyegirl145 said...

Oh man, I missed the conversation, I would have went with BATMAN too, I thought BATMAN was Dark Horse comics...haven't read one in a looong forgive me if I'm

Jeanne Sampson said...

Excellent poem and great story. I flows really well Good luck with it!