Monday, September 6, 2010

Artist Unknown

Henry Charles pressed his hands palm flat, fingers spread against the screen. The light buzzing sound indicated the canvas awaited his direction. He stepped back, staring at his reflection in the screen, a tear raced down his cheek. With his index finger, he traced himself and finished it off with the tear stream. Then he looked up and pushed SEND.


“Faith, you need to do something about this guy.” Susan said.

“I know. I feel so bad. He is super nice, but he’s not my type.” Faith Cantwell responded to her friend and ride buddy.

The Air Tram traveled in hyper speed down the track as the daily commuters chatted and Skyped with loved ones.

NOW STOPPING HAVENVILLE AVENUE. The voice announced over the speakers. Faith and Susan stood up and grabbed the handrails until the tram came to a complete stop.

Swoosh the doors opened. The girls got off and walked over to the coffee house Airoma’s.

“I’ll have a Skylight double shot, light on the soy.” Susan gave her order.

“Hmm… I … I’ll have the – no… I’ll take the Skylight, regular please.” Faith finally made her decision.

The girls exited the coffee house with their beverages. “Late night?” Faith asked Susan. “Yeah, I’ve got exams starting tomorrow. I have no clue what I even learned this semester. This medical stuff is hard.”

“Don’t stay up too late. Ya don’t want to fall asleep during class.” Faith shouted out as the girls parted ways.

Faith entered the crowded skylevator with other passengers and voiced “DESTINATION STREET”. During the ride down the music hummed in the background. The doors opened and the city noise vibrated the sidewalks with honking cabs and people pushing each other along the sidewalks. She darted into the doorway of her building and headed up the skinny stairway to the second floor. Placing her index finger on the keypad the front door opened.

She walked down the hallway and dropped her bag on the chair just inside her bedroom. She turned the corner into the kitchen and dropped the hot Skylight on the floor. She didn’t even flinch when the hot liquid splashed on her leg. One-step further and she would have run right into the suspended portrait of Henry’s tear streamed face. “CALL SUSAN” she shouted out.

“Hey, what’s up?” The colored decibel lines squiggled on the monitor from Susan’s voice. Silence. “Hello… Faith you called me?”


Alba Arango said...

Wow. That's kinda creepy.

Donald Riggio said...

very touching...good job.

Teresa said...

Thank you. It seems the further advanced technology becomes the less secure we are. We'll see where this leads.. HHHEHaaaa

C. D. Bennett said...

Very nice, takes us away... right where you want us :)

Teresa said...

thank you C.D.